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Sightseeing tips in Istanbul

It's time to give sightseeing tips in Istanbul. There are great inexpensive and even free options on the trip to the country. Before closing the travel package, worth checking the list with sightseeing tips in Istanbul in Turkey.

The first hint of a tourist spot is Taksim Square. Very traditional in the metropolis. Walking through the square, then you arrive at Istiklal Avenue. Then just enjoy the scenery of the Galata Bridge. A delight, the place is full of old churches and historical monuments. You can also catch a subway and visit the main attractions of the area.

Following with sightseeing tips in Istanbul, we have the Spice Market located at Eminonu Square. The so-called Egyptian Bazaar offers all sorts of things you find in a market. They are food, crafts, finally, a wonder. Very close there, there are also the Grand Bazaar, considered to be World Heritage by UNESCO. Very much gold and jewelry you will find there.

For anyone who is interested in the Muslim religion, the Sultanahmet Mosque is a great tourist spot. We also have the Suleymaniye Mosque and Rustem Pasa Mosque. All with free entry for tourists.

Other tips for sightseeing in Istanbul are: walk by the Bosphorus (on Black Sea to the Sea of ​​Marmara), the Princes Islands and also the region of Burgazada, with its beach.



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Sightseeing tips in Istanbul