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Los Roques, The Paradise Of Venezuela

Los Roques Archipelago

The Los Roques Archipelago is a group of islands belonging to Venezuela. Located approximately 170 kilometers from the capital of Caracas in the open Caribbean Sea, the island has about 50 islands and a number of attractions for tourists, most of whom are couples and young people who are looking for beautiful beaches. Although accessible by private boat coming from various locations, the primary means of getting to the islands is via flights departing almost every day from Caracas, Maracaibo and Porlamar.

Los Roques Aerial View

As approach the island by air, tourist see what is actually in the Caribbean.  Down there, shades of clear blue and green mixed and shows the unimaginable color card . Crystal clear sea, floating boat and sandbars perfect vision of paradise.

Small Airport in Grand Roque

The small airport of Los Roques is on the island Gran Roque, the most populated region, which is also where concentrated major hotels, hostels and the other small infrastructure of the place. In Gran Roque you must pay a mandatory fee to visit the area, because, to face a legitimate need to maintain the existing Marine National Park since 1972.

Los Roques Diving

One of the major highlights of Los Roques is the wide variety of options to enjoy. Lovers of diving, for example, will feast on the excellent alternatives, among them we highlight Boca de Cote, Las Salinas and La Guasa.

Because of its great biodiversity, diving enthusiasts can revel in this season one of the most beautiful reservoirs of marine life in Venezuela, which has three highly diverse ecosystems as are coral reefs, seagrass beds and mangrove communities.

Los Roques Sunbathing

For those seeking beaches to relax, swim and sunbathe, chances are no less extensive. Unlike, white sand and calm, clear waters, ideal for bathers, are abundant in Los Roques. The most famous islands for this are Francisquí, Madrisqui and Crasqui that the example of dive sites, are accessed by boat from Gran Roque.


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Los Roques, The Paradise Of Venezuela