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Plan your adventure in Raystown Lake water park

Raystown Lake water park
Raystown Lake Water Park
The Raystown Lake water park is the perfect outdoor activities. Sports, tradition, heritage, beautiful places and education are classified as the top draws for guests in Huntingdon County, PA; within the Alleghenies of Pennsylvania.

The 8,300-acre, 30-mile long Raystown Lake was made at the begining of 1970s and it is a well known water vacation spot choose from fishers, boating fans, kayakers and all sorts of water activity hobbyists. The Raystown Lake Recreation Area encourages just about Two million people each year towards the lake along with the public land around it for world-class sportfishing, camping, hunting, mountain biking, water activies, picnics and much more in beautiful places that's been rated as a few of the 100 Best Scenic Views across the nation by's The Camping Club! Raystown Lake is a well-liked spot for swimming and waterskiing for everyone.

Make sure to take the mountain bikes for that Allegrippis Trails at Raystown Lake. The Allegrippis Trails are listed as a few of the top single track mtb trails in The united states by Mens Journal magazine. Greater than 30 miles of single track trails connect for endless probabilities of traveling in The Alleghenies with the forests and shoreline of Raystown Lake around the Allegrippis Trails. The trails are designated as "multi-use" for biking, hiking, take the camera and revel in the best trails obtainable in The united states.

With lots of outdoor public areas, the Raystown Lake Region has programs aplenty to inhale the fresh air, walk-through the forest or benefit from the unspoiled shoreline scenery of Raystown Lake. So take the boots, kayak and mountain bike to actually make the most from your sojourn in Huntingdon County. If you have been spots to unwind and unwind which are liberated to access - like Trough Creek State Park with Rainbow Falls and Balanced Rock, Whipple Dam State Park for any beach alternative and Greenwood State Park using its first class historical exhibits and hiking trail access.

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Plan your adventure in Raystown Lake water park