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Knowing the Egypt in a day at Louvre Museum, France

When we speak of the Louvre everyone thinks only one thing, the Mona Lisa. True, it is the most famous work of the museum, perhaps even the entire history, but it is also true that anyone who goes there only to see Mona Lisa painting is missing a lot. One of the highlights of the Louvre Museum is precisely its Egyptian collection.

The collection gathers more than 50,000 pieces, divided into more than 20 rooms, dating from 4000 BC until the fourth century, through all periods of the history of civilization. Features works of art, papyri, mummies, tombs, sphinx, clothing, jewelry, musical instruments and weapons. This set is the largest collection of Egyptian artifacts located outside Egypt.

This whole story began with Napoleon and his forays down the Nile, leading scientists who have made great discoveries and historical fueled France with these relics. Currently Egypt tries to get back its heritage, but let's not get into that discussion of what is or is not fair. The fact is that nowadays you can not tell who knows Egypt without having spent a day in France.



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Knowing the Egypt in a day at Louvre Museum, France