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Simple Aruba Vacations Reviews

I simply fall for this beautiful island, its beautiful beaches, the nice people, the culture, the security. I still can't think that the houses doesn't need bars in the end, you can use your cellphone while in the streets without fear to acquire robbed. Everyone respect the traffic signs. seems like a paradise in my experience.

The Aruban People are so kind and they speak 4 or maybe more languages. Everybody greets you while in the streets, Bon Dia!, Bon Nochi!, Cum Bai!
Im really glad to be here visiting this Beautifull Island.

This tropical isle is small. Aruba is only 19 miles long, which means 45 minutes after landing (dealing with customs, picking up your luggage, and hailing a cab) you are checking into your resort.

Most widely known for its glorious beaches, Aruba’s arid, desert-like interior is a surprise to those expecting an exotic jungle. With scrubby, cacti-studded and brimming with iguanas, meandering goats, wild donkeys and tortuously twisted divi-divi trees, hiking there is surreal yet enchanting. And Aruba’s indigenous wildlife are masters of camouflage, so best to stop by the Visitor’s Center at Arikok National Park to find out what to seek out, or to join their park rangers in the guided hike. You can also climb the 500-some stairs from the “Haystack” (Mt. Hooiberg), Aruba’s second highest peak for a spectacular panoramic view.

In case you are into water sports do not look any further! Anything you desire to try and more are all located somewhere around the island. If you want to learn how to sail, scuba dive, or kite board you can find companies who specialize in these things; trained professionals will take you out, get you settled, and run through security precautions to make sure you are safe and comfortable when you learn and have fun. Snorkeling, tubing and parasailing will also be great ways to see the island and experience the beauty of Aruba's beaches.

One of most breathtaking islands on the Caribbean, Aruba is tiny electrical systems to neighboring islands but a giant in adventure. Like most of the surrounding islands, Aruba has turquoise waters and pristine beaches that invite individuals to take a step away from the many other modern attractions.



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Simple Aruba Vacations Reviews