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La Plaza Mayor De Madrid

Plaza Mayor Of Madrid
A historic square, scene of some of the major events in Madrid, as the beatification of San Isidro, old bullfighting or the court of inquisition, all episodes experienced in the square, like the three fires: in 1631, 1672 and 1790 are carefully stamping in four major supports for light iron, get close to them and you will see how they are worked.
The main square is beautiful enclosed in a square rectangular shape with a few entries, look at the old houses all painted. Just as the plaza de sol it also has a statue of a horse in the center, this time of Felipe III, the creator of the site. The houses have historical names, most painted their House of Panaderia which often hosts free art exhibitions. Only by the building is already worth entering.
The plaza is surrounded by numerous cafes, restaurants and shops of souvenirs. As this is one of the most touristic places in Madrid, also is one of the most expensive, do not confuse! Expensive with better, thus, escape from there especially at lunchtime.
If you are lucky you will come face to face with musicians, artists, clowns or puppets statue that perform their daily performances both in the plaza, and in its vicinity, to take photos, leave a small contribution - or artist may be angry. A penny is enough!
Worth entering and leaving the Plaza Mayor several times, each alley reveals a secret, or a good place to take photos ... when tired return to the plaza de sol .... get out by a different door, even if you lose a bit (which probably will happen ... the streets around there are all crazy) worthwhile.
If you are visiting Madrid during between Christmas and New Year, you will find the plaza crowded with stools costumes and find a lot of people dressed up walking down the street, as well as grapes and lottery tickets, it is also part of the usual Madrileño for the new year.

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La Plaza Mayor De Madrid